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Sending Fax

1. Which file attachment formats are supported by SuperFax?

Currently supported file formats for faxing out attachment are:

1) Adobe Acrobat
2) Encapsulated Postscript (*eps)
3) Enhance Metafile (*emc)
4) GIF
5) HTML document
7) Lotus 123 (*WK4)
8) MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio (not include Office 2007*)
9) PNG
10) Printer Command Language (*PCL)
11) RAW Image
12) Rich text format
13) Text file
14) TIFF
15) Windows Bitmap
16) Windows Metafile (*wmf)
17) Word Perfect

*For sending Office 2007 documents, follow these instructions.


2. How do I send a fax?

How to send fax
(1) create a new email message(2) send to recipient's fax number + (3) attach the file you want to fax out and click send(4) fax is sent to the fax number


3. I have problem sending fax by email from Telus and Shaw Webmail?

Some 3rd party webmail software generates problematic HTML email, such as Telus and Shaw Webmail. That will make our server unable to read the HTML email correctly. As a result, you will receive a fax failure notification. Please try to send your message by attachment instead.


4. How can I fax out Microsoft Office 2007 document files?

Yes, we ensure the confidentiality of all faxes that businesses send over our network. We use a secure server with SSL encryption and there is no human interaction with your fax.


5. Can I send multiple documents in one fax?

Yes, you can send up to 50 documents in one fax, as long as the total attachment file size is smaller than 9MB.

6. The images in my fax-out doucment are not clear in fax?

The maximum faxable resolution is 200x200 pixels. Any image with higher than 200x200 resolution will got reduced to faxable resolution. It will apear not as clear as you see in your screen.

Tips: If you can print to PDF, you can select "print as image" option. And you can set the resolution to 300dpi which is the closest to faxable reolution.

7. What is the minimum margins in a fax-out doucment?

The minimum margins for faxing are 1/2 inch (1.3 cm) on each size


8. Can I customize my fax header information when I send a fax?

Yes, you can change your fax header by login to SuperFax web site. Go to my profile page and change the CSID (maxmium 19 characters). Anything shown in CSID will be displayed in the fax header.


9. What is the reason behind a failed send?

The most common reasons for a failed send are "no answer" and "fax number busy". You can login your account and go to "Usage History" to find out the reason behind a failed send.


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