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Receiving Fax

1. How do I receive a fax?

How to receive fax
(1) sender sends fax to your number(2) fax get delivered to your email(3) open the attachment to view your fax


2. Would my faxes be secure?

Yes, we ensure the confidentiality of all faxes that businesses send over our network. We use a secure server with SSL encryption and there is no human interaction with your fax.


3. Can I receive fax on more than one email address?

Yes, you can receive fax on up to 5 email addresses depending on which plan that you signed up.


4. How can I block junk faxes?

Our system is "blind" to what comes through a client's fax number. Therefore, it cannot differentiate between legitimate fax content and junk fax.
If a large percentage of faxes coming into your fax number are junk faxes, you can request a fax number exchange with no charge.


5. Why I cannot view my recieved faxes?

By default, your received fax will be in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format. In order to view it, you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download it free from:

If you chose to receive your fax in TIF, you need a graphic viewer installed to view your fax.

6. Why the PDF fax file I received appears all scrambled?

You might have an old version of Adobe Reader. Try to install the current Adobe Reader and open the file again. You can download latest Adobe Reader for free from:

7. Why was the fax I received in poor image quality?

Our fax server produces the best image it can with what it has been "given" by the sending fax machine. If the sender sent a poor-quality document, the client will receive a poor-quality fax.

Unfortunately nothing can be done to improve the fax quality we currently offer.
Please note: Faxed documents with small fonts or light hand writing are usually not very clear on the output fax.


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