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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I need to use SuperFax?
You just need Internet access, an email account, and a SuperFax account. You do not need any new hardware and you do not need to install any software.


2. How do I send a fax?

How to send fax
(1) create a new email message(2) send to recipient's fax number + (3) attach the file you want to fax out and click send(4) fax is sent to the fax number


3. How do I receive a fax?

How to receive fax
(1) sender sends fax to your number(2) fax get delivered to your email(3) open the attachment to view your fax


4. Would my faxes be secure?
Yes, we ensure the confidentiality of all faxes that businesses send over our network. We use a secure server with SSL encryption and there is no human interaction with your fax.


5. Can I send multiple documents in one fax?
Yes, you can send up to 50 documents in one fax, as long as the total attachment file size is smaller than 9MB.

6. Can I receive fax on more than one email address?
Yes, you can receive fax on up to 5 email addresses depending on which plan that you signed up.

7. Is my SuperFax number available all the time?
Yes, your SuperFax number is an "always on" number. Your computer does not need to be turned on to receive faxes. Faxes are stored in your email inbox.

8. Can I keep my current fax number?
Yes, if your number is located in Vancouver or Burnaby (BC Canada), you can keep your current fax number. Please go to our Sign Up and Keep My Number page for details.

9. Does SuperFax provide customer support?
Yes, we provide customers service by email and telephone between the hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST, Monday through Friday.
You can also browse our online knowlege base
Tel: 877-532-9669 (877-5-FAX-NOW)
Email: email us at our Contact Us page

10. Does my toll-free number work outside of USA or Canada?
No, you can only receive faxes from the US and Canada if you have a toll free number. If you joined our toll-free plan and need to receive fax outside of USA and Canada, please contact us.


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